Mount Magazine State Park

Hang Gliding in Arkansas State Parks

Visit our state parks for Arkansas hang gliding adventures. Take in some of the most expansive views in Arkansas from 2,753-foot Mount Magazine, the state's tallest mountain, or soar high above the Arkansas River Valley from 1,350-foot Mount Nebo.

MOUNT MAGAZINE - Hang gliders have flocked to Arkansas's highest point for many years. Rising high above the Petit Jean River Valley and Arkansas River Valley, 2,753-foot Mount Magazine has near perfect conditions for flight. Hang gliders must register each day at the park visitor center and be Class 4 certified to fly alone. A Class 3 flier can fly with a Class 4. Parking is available at the hang gliding launch site. View Mount Magazine Calendar of Events

MOUNT NEBO - Hang gliding in Arkansas is a popular activity that is available from two launch sites atop 1,350-foot Mount Nebo,  Sunrise Point at the east end of the mountain and an area behind the park visitor center. Call the park for current conditions. There are two hang gliding events held annually at the park, providing wind and weather allow, as well as a spring fly-in during late April and a summer fly-in near the end of August. Hang gliders must register at the park visitor center and show proof of advanced pilot certification. View Mount Nebo Calendar of Events